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You know yourself best, what you need and what works best for you. I have the questions, YOU have the answers.

While they sound synonymous, they’re not. We start in the health arena and move forward with your life issues

You want someone to help you achieve your big goals and desires for your personal and/or professional lives. 

About Nurit

I’m Nurit Amichai, and for a long time I controlled my life by controlling my body image through what I ate and how hard I worked out.

I pushed myself to the limit as a business owner, mother, wife, teacher and myriad other “professions”.  Being a perfectionist and living with the sense within that I had to prove myself, that I really wasn’t good enough so if I did it better than anyone else, I’d qualify, served to keep me motivated.  

I knew how to get the job done and I did it, no matter what the cost to myself and those around me.  Whether it was business or body image, marriage or family, I’d make it happen. Stress? It wasn’t going to stop me.


Learn the secret to keeping stress under control.