You’re Doing Life the Only Way You Figure You Can, Then the Bottom Drops Out - Suddenly

When my children were young I ended up in a very serious health crisis brought on by all of the stress that wasn’t going to stop me. My organs were beginning to shut down and the doctor told me that if I didn’t do something about the stress I would, in fact, die.
The sickness had exacted a terrible price on me physically and mentally. I used herbs and natural supplements as well as specific foods to heal my body and over the course of many months of natural health care, the damage was halted. It took more time to restore my organs and eventually I was able to eat normally again. It was a long, often tedious, journey but I was on the mend.

Healing Takes Time, but Taking the Time Opened New Doors That Lead to New Life

nurit However, my body was very frail. I finally ventured out to an all-women’s fitness center to work out. I was very embarrassed at my physical state and how weak I had become. But, I knew I had to do something to become strong. I thought that eating well, working out and doing the right things for my body were the best things I could do for myself, and in large part, they were. I even ended up purchasing the fitness center – that should have fixed it, right?

Since a good part of my healing came through diet I decided to gain certification in Vegetarian Nutrition, something that not only benefited me personally, but I was able to use to help others in their search for optimal health. I learned how to use food as nourishment and also as medicine and embarked on a growth spurt in the area of organic foods. Still, I was about to find out that it wasn’t enough. Because the food I needed turned out to be more than organic veggies.

It Felt Like Yo-Yo Dieting, Only I Was in a Crisis Cycle

The stress of running a business and raising a young family while my husband was working in another city brought me to another crisis. I was run off my feet, trying to cover every base without breathing space. I’d be at the club at 5:30am to open, drive home to get the kids up and off to school and then go back to the gym to work until it was time to pick them up from school, take them to their various activities, fix dinner, put them to bed and go back to the fitness center to close. Obviously, this couldn’t go on. Yet, it did. I knew, once again, I needed to find some way to help myself.

A Secret Brought Into the Light Becomes Light for Someone Else

This time I found answers in a program that provided a safe place to explore my secret issues – the ones I didn’t talk about with anyone – yet they formed the way I thought and lived life. This work opened me up to the possibilities of change from the inside out. I learned that a healthy and strong body is only a part of the equation. I discovered I had a lot of unresolved conflicts and issues that held me captive. When I was able to face the facts, tell the truth and deal with the issues, the good body and health ended up being side effects.

It was through the experience of allowing my truths to surface and giving myself permission to face and then release the pain and self-destructive behaviors I had harbored for so many years that the desire to share these lessons and the gifts I’ve been given with others evolved. I continue to use the tools and principles I learned during the more than 20 years of training and facilitating to help my clients get and keep their lives on track.

Becoming More of Who I Truly Am Gives Me Power

Now, I am able to merge all of these disciplines, nutrition, fitness and mental and emotional health into the true passion of my life – to help people heal and gain optimal health and give my clients the benefit of many years of learning and experience. Coaching them and giving them tools to live For the Health of It!

It’s an opportunity to strip away old, unproductive and damaging habits and create new, lasting behaviors that support the dynamic and powerful life you really want to live. It’s much more than losing weight and working out – it’s finding fulfillment and unleashing your own personal power.

One of the ways I celebrated my “return to health and life” was to enter a body building competition. I had no expectations other than proving to myself that I could do it. I was 48 years old.

Nurit bodybuilder

I trained hard for seven months, enlisted the help of a coach and a nutritionist (because I wanted to be sure I was all natural rather than using additives) and entered the Regional competition for my province. I placed second! Nobody was more surprised than me. That win took me to the Western Canadian competition that was held a month later – right around Mother’s Day. While I didn’t place in the top three competitors, the pride and inner strength I gained from that experience remains with me to this day. I came back from a very dark, depressing and unhealthy place to become who I am today.

Now, It’s YOUR Turn to Take Your Power Back and Live
For the health of it

So, while I’m a big fan of eating well and exercising, it’s my desire to help others learn the most effective way to lasting behaviors that promote health in all areas of life. It’s all about YOU.

My role is to guide and empower you to live more of what you desire in life. When we work together you’ll create a new normal for yourself; a place of confidence and surety. Transformation this big doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.

Allow me to be your Secret Weapon to growing, learning, living, and becoming the best version of yourself you can be. You deserve it.