I recently completed a health training period with Nurit Amichai. Nurit is a wise, experienced, human, and pleasant woman. She is a professional coach, precise, committed and reliable. By her guidance, I underwent a profound and meaningful experience. I discovered new things about myself. I made changes to my life. I started changing unwanted habits and adopting new ones that were more appropriate. I have deep gratitude for what I received from Nurit and from the training with her. Anyone interested in improving their health is advised to work with Nurit.
Gil Weiner
Gil Weiner
As a working mother of two talented children and wife of a husband who is often away on business trips, I found myself caught in a very demanding daily routine which left me no time or energy for myself. As the years went by the result of my way of life started to show on my body in the form of excess weight and a tired expression.

Along with the stranger who was looking at me from the mirror also came feelings of resentment and anger. Nurit's program was worth it and I would do it again and again if I had to, because as much as I was surprised by the challenges of the process It doesn’t come even close to my surprise at the results.

Nurit’s wisdom, knowledge and professional approach still does not fail to impress and surprise me. My life has changed so much that I hardly recognize it. Instead of getting my old self back like I was hoping to, I got an even better version of me, which is a bonus I didn't even think possible.

Thank you Nurit, I will be forever be grateful.
Shirley Vered
Nurit is an intuitive and extremely gifted coach. She is passionate about helping her clients better their lives. She was able to help me break through my fears that had me feeling stuck for so long, and gave me real tools to change my way of doing life in many different areas. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for more fulfillment and a better quality of life!
Shoshanna Amato
I highly recommend coaching with Nurit! I really appreciate the holistic approach to my health. Rather than focusing only on exercise or only on diet, our conversations and activities addressed these issues, as well as the emotional and environmental effects on my body. The combination of these different areas of focus proved to be very effective and thought-provoking. I've just about met my goals but, more importantly, I've developed healthy habits that are maintainable.

I was initially a bit resistant to the mindfulness exercises. Nurit encouraged me to move outside my comfort zone but was respectful if I didn't want to try something. As I approach the end of my 90-day program, I appreciate that I now have mindfulness tools from which I can choose to help me deal with life's stresses.

I am very happy with the results and an optimistic about the future.

Thanks, Nurit!
Karen Fructman
Karen Fruchtman
When I started the process with Nurit, I was pretty hesitant. I had been through every possible diet you can think of, and not much worked. But I decided to give it a chance anyway, since I didn't think I had anything to lose. Something about the process also piqued my curiosity.
The journey turned out to be fascinating, challenging but also a big eye-opener! It wasn't only about food, and it definitely was not a diet…so what was it?

It was a learning process on how the mind works, and how it is possible to change habits… how if we are ready to change the way we think, learn to listen to our body, and respect its needs, we can go far. It was also about understanding that I am in control and responsible for my own wellbeing. The 90 days are over, but the real journey begins now! Staying in control, making the new habits an integral part of my life and appreciating the great feeling.

I have made changes, I have lost weight (still ongoing), I have learned to work out – something I have never done before, and discovered strength and will that were well hidden. That has been a lot of fun!
All this was made possible due to the wonderful guidance of Nurit all the way through. She was always supportive, encouraging, understanding and guiding in a very precise way that was "custom made" for my needs which made the challenge and journey interesting and worthwhile! She knows how to push the right buttons at the right times and that is priceless!!
If you decide to start the journey – enjoy!
Aviva Freedberg
I am halfway through my program with Nurit and am now naturally losing my weight. She has enabled me to go inside myself and address emotional behavior that has been guiding my need to eat certain foods which are sabotaging my success in weight control. Nurit doesn't put you on a diet, she manages to provoke your mind to certain levels where you are able to change your eating behavior. I am very excited to continue my program with her to what I know now will be a long-awaited success story.

Thank you Nurit.
Faye Needham