What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a doctor. I was fascinated with medicine and wanted to be able to truly help people heal. While I am not a medical doctor today, I am a coach/therapist and work with people to achieve wholeness and wellness in their lives.

However, I also wanted to be a teacher and, in fact, ended up teaching for several years – not only people, but animals as well. As a matter of fact, I’ve done a very great number of things over the course of my life. Often, when I tell people about some of the things I’ve done they usually say, “How many lifetimes have you lived?” That’s usually followed with, “You need to write a book.”

My philosophy (although I never would have called it that) has been something that goes like this: If I think I can do it, then I will give it a whirl. Let’s see what happens next.

I’ve pumped gas, been a hostess in a high-end club, sold retail (hardware, shoes, restaurant supplies, clothing, and some things I’ve likely forgotten), dressed windows, trained dogs and their owners, owned and operated my own businesses (fitness, freelance writing, coaching/therapy), taught business college, facilitated personal growth groups, had a radio program and a television program (my professional training is in radio and television), worked in political affairs and I’ve gone on to become a full-time coach and therapist. Oh, did I mention I’m married and have three children? They’re grown with children of their own now, but they weren’t during most of the above-mentioned positions.
Some would say I wasn’t grounded to have bounced around so much, but the truth is that I’ve been on the planet a long time and when you’re around for a while you get to do more things. Some of the things I did simultaneously. I owned a fitness facility and while running that, I was also teaching business college and facilitating personal growth programs all the while raising three kids. I did get pretty good at time management. A few of those jobs were part of my young adult and early 20’s era while others happened after I moved to Israel.
So, what’s the point of telling you all of this? Hopefully, to encourage you to step out into whatever realm you feel you can function in and take the risk – do it and see what happens. Of course, some things require education but it’s available if you are prepared to do what it takes.
I often hear that “there are just no jobs”. I rather think there are many jobs, it’s just that people don’t necessarily want to get the training or take the risk of moving into them. There’s a lot of work out there – it may not be exactly what you think you’re suited for – but the truth is that if you’re willing to put yourself out there, you’ll move along until you’re where you really want to be. Are you the potential restauranteur who will start off as a phenomenal waiter? Are you the graphic designer who has hidden her talent in the guise of teacher? You don’t have to be stuck in one arena for the rest of your life unless you choose to be. And, if you do, kudos! You’ve obviously found your niche.

Tell me – what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you living that dream now? Did you ever? And today, are you doing what you love and loving what you do or are you wishing and hoping for something better or different? Are you willing to do what it takes to get to where you want to be? Then, do the work and reap the results.