Walking the Camino

Last month I introduced you to my plans for June … walking the El Camino de Santiago Compostella Trail in Spain.  The trek itself, from beginning to end, can be done in a few weeks.  However, since I will only be able to take a couple of weeks off to walk this adventure, my friend and I will begin in Pompella and work our way to the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, ending in Santiago where we hope to meet up with some friends from Canada who are also walking the trail around the same time.

These boots were made for walking …

Camino TrailThe most obvious and, dare I say important, piece of equipment we need to make this walk successful is good footwear. I’ve read horror stories of people who walked the Camino (and other treks) only to be delayed by painful blisters on their feet.

I remember getting blisters from shoes that didn’t fit well and the very thought of walking miles and miles on sore feet leaves me cold.  I want to enjoy this walk and as a result, when I was in Italy last fall I purchased a pair of excellent hiking boots, very light weight and in one of my favorite colors – light orange.  They’re not only comfortable (I’ve been breaking them in all winter), but they’re also a fashion statement. 🙂

Carrying more than a backpack

Not only will we be carrying a backpack, we’ll be carrying our bodies along the route.  To prepare for this part of the adventure, my friend and I have been working on our posture and back strength.  For the past several months, we’ve devoted one full workout a week to strengthening our core and back muscles.  A strong core ensures we’ll be able to hold our bodies upright and protect our backs from stress caused by bearing weight.

Of course, strong legs and endurance are key to fulfilling our daily quota to ensure we arrive in Santiago when planned.  Our plan is to cover 25 km per day, something we know is doable in about five hours, six if we dawdle.

What are your plans for this year?

Back in the early part of this year I produced a Facebook video about my plans for the Camino and challenged you to find something significant for yourself to accomplish this year.  How are you making out with your plans?

There’s nothing like a big goal to get you motivated to make changes.  It’s my hope you’ll be inspired by my efforts.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook as I continue my preparations.  Once I’m in Spain, I’ll be vlogging and posting to keep you abreast of my walk.