We’re finally here. We are now on the trek of the El Camino de Santiago de Compostella trek as you are reading this newsletter. It’s difficult to put into words exactly what I’m feeling right now … kind of a cross between super-excited and trepidation.

Our itinerary will take us to Paris for three nights and two days and then on to Pamplona, Spain where we begin the first day of our 14-day, 25-km per day walk.  The sites we’ll visit and the sights we’ll see will all be available on my Facebook page, Nurit Amichai, and also on a couple of Instagram pages – one of which is in my name.  And, of course, you can access the blogs and vlogs on my website.  I haven’t used the Instagram pages for some time, but promise I’ll be using them now – especially since some of my clients use nothing but Instagram.  🙂

I hope you’ll follow along as we take this incredible journey.

Facebook:  Nurit Amichai

Instagram:  Nurit Amichai


Now, just a word about the rock you see in the picture here.

There’s a tradition of taking a rock or stone with you on the Camino and leaving it somewhere along the trail.  The act can mean a number of things … leaving cares behind; marking your presence on the trail; or using it as a connecting point for change, among other things.

What we’ve decided to do it take a rock (and I do mean a ROCK), on which we’ve written a few instructions, and leave it at a point on the trail in a place where it can be seen.  Part of the instructions include the following:

Find it.  Move it.  Post it.

So, when someone finds the rock they should carry it to a new location and then post a picture of the rock on Instagram under the hashtag:  #stoneunturned

We’ll be following the journey of the rock and you can, too, as you follow me and my friend over the coming days.  We leave on June 13th and arrive back in Israel on July 2nd.

Be sure to comment on Facebook and Instagram!  I look forward to hearing from you.