My Challenge For You – 2019

We’re already half-way through January but I want to issue a challenge for 2019, and here it is:

Implement one of the following changes into your life and see what a difference it makes to the quality of life you have.  I’m thinking your life will be better for it.

Get Rid of Your TV

I can hear you laughing, but trust me on this, okay?  We don’t have a television in our home, although we occasionally watch Netflix on the computer, but it isn’t a nightly routine.  I refuse to have a television in my living room.  Here are some of the benefits:

You don’t have to arrange your furniture around the TV and your “feng shui” will be quieter and more pleasant, allowing for a flow of conversation and peace.  It stimulates human interaction instead of everyone sitting side-by-side staring at a screen.  It also makes for a happier environment …

There have been a few studies done over the years that indicate that unhappy people watch more TV, and in turn yield no positive gain.  I’ve included a link here for you to check out:

New Research. Does Watching TV Make Us Unhappy?

While watching TV doesn’t actively make you unhappy, it causes you to go emotionally stagnant, which is probably worse.  So, give it a try … even if it’s only for a month.  You can always go back to it if you feel that TV made you feel happier.

Go to Bed Before 9

Sleep is KEY! Even if you have too much to get finished before bed, getting there by 9:00 will affect you in the following ways:

You’ll wake up feeling fresh… energized… and ready to tackle the day! This way you can get everything you need to get done actually accomplished.  I realize and appreciate that sometimes you just want to stay awake until whatever hour it happens to be just to get things done, or to hang out because you’re just not tired yet.  But…

That just feeds back into a negative loop of less sleep… less energy… less productivity… and more anxiety!

So, why be in bed by 9?  Several reasons, the first of which being that you likely won’t go directly to sleep at the stroke of 9, you’ll need some time to wind down a bit.  If you’re in bed by 9 you’ll have, at the very least, 7.5 hours of sleep, which is optimal for anyone (and that’s if you wake up at 4:30 am).  You could use this time to your advantage to help you get a powerful jump start on your day.

Try going to bed by 9 and you’ll see how much better you feel and how much more you’ll get done because of it!

Stretch at Night

Try making it a habit to stretch at night after you’ve gotten things done and before you head to bed.  You’ll be amazed at what a few minutes of stretching can do for your body and your state of mind.  Not only does it help get the kinks of the day out, it helps to keep you limber, loose, and calm.  Besides that, you’ll save money on massages and chiropractic appointments.

Don’t know what to do?  Check out some easy and pleasant stretches for before bed by searching Google for Before Bed Stretches.  There are a number of routines ranging in time from five minutes to half an hour.  Choose a series that works best for you and s-t-r-e-t-c-h out.  Your body will thank you and you’ll sleep better.

Hire a Coach

I have a client who discovered fitness last year as a result of our work together and has determined to become their fittest possible.  This client has gone on to become a super-swimmer, will be running a 5K in a few weeks and works out faithfully with weights in the gym five days a week.  How?  By hiring coaches to get to the next level.  (btw, this person still works with me, too).

Is it worth the investment?  I think they’d yell out a resounding YES.  We all need support and accountability and that’s what coaches provide.

Please give one of these challenges a try and you will definitely see the difference it makes to your life.

Contact me with your questions about nutrition and diet; exercise and movement; personal growth and life issues.  I’m here for you and remember that often, simply talking out your issues goes a long way to making the life changes you’re hungry to have.

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