How to Connect

I’m going to give you some ideas here to get you started on your way to balancing your body, inducing healing and gaining health and energy. My family has been consciously grounding for several years and it’s certainly something I prescribe to my clients.

The Earth’s energy is there for your taking any time, day and night. It’s free. It’s not a pill, potion, nor ointment. It’s in the ground, on the ground, and from the ground, right beneath your feet. You can have as much of it as you want … free … no limit.

Here’s How You Do It:

1. You can walk barefoot on the beach, in a park, your yard (or someone else’s yard), on sand, stones, gravel or just plain earth.

2. Ground by sitting in a chair with your feet planted on the ground, while reading a book or listening to music.

3. Dampen the earth for more conductivity and leave your feet on the earth for 30 to 40 minutes at least. Truth told, any part of your body in touch with the Earth will conduct electrons. That would include your torso, arms, legs, head … you get the idea.

4. Concrete is conductive but its effectiveness is contingent upon the amount of water beneath the concrete. A dry concrete floor or one with a water barrier beneath won’t be very effective. Asphalt is not conductive, neither is wood nor vinyl.

5. Water-wise, wading or swimming in the ocean is not only fun recreation, it’s a brilliant form of grounding. Saltwater is rich in minerals and highly conductive – several hundred times more than fresh water. Conductivity is dependent on the concentration of minerals in the water, so lake water is far less conductive, pool water is virtually non-conductive and kiddie pool water is not at all conductive due to the plastic that insulates from the ground.

6. A tree is wood and thus non-conductive. However, if you hold a leaf of the tree firmly between your fingers, you’ll be grounded. The earth under a tree is generally moist when exposed and is a good place to ground. But, tree hugging with your shoes on doesn’t do anything in terms of grounding.

If you’re interested in learning more about grounding, or Earthing as it is sometimes called, then I recommend a book by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, MD and Martin Zucker, called “Earthing”. Most of the technical information in this article was gleaned from this source.

Having said that, as I mentioned earlier, my family has been using grounding (including grounding sheets, foot pads and flip-flops) for several years with wonderful results.

A couple of years ago I arrived back home from a trip abroad with a serious pain in my upper back and neck. My husband suggested we ground at the beach – always a pleasure for me. We did so two times for a couple of hours each time and the pain in my back and neck was gone.

When I’m stressed, a long walk barefoot on the beach, or just sitting with my bare feet on the ground brings calm and clarity.