All In Your Head

You’re no doubt familiar with the saying, “It’s all in your head”, am I correct? Well, what if it is? What if the answers to your issues are inside you? Mindset is a major component of the mind-body connection and science continues to unveil the power our beliefs have in the healing process. The use of the placebo effect when determining the power of the mindset to influence health outcomes is well known. By working with a certified health coach, it is possible to overcome limiting beliefs, work through past traumas that may be keeping you in a mindset of failure, and move forward into vibrant health and fulfillment. Your success or your lack of success is, most often …


Your Thoughts Create Your Experiences

What if you could begin to change your body, your health, your life by changing your thoughts? I know you’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve even tried a few different methods, but things just didn’t happen quite as quickly as you thought they should. The truth is that we really are what we believe. Our beliefs become our truths and our truths are what we base our lives upon. What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. Each of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.

Using Your Thoughts to Make Changes

Now, you may be thinking … There she goes – another one of “those people”. However, if you’re open to the idea, maybe you can glean something from this that will help you move toward your goals of a slim and strong body, tons of energy, and a lifestyle that speaks loudly of good vibes and vibrant health.

For instance …

If you constantly talk about yourself as unable to stick to anything; destined to remain fat and unhealthy because that’s the way it is in your family; lacking willpower or any other negative framework you put yourself into, what do you think you’ll perpetuate? Hm. Right. Fat, unhealthy,stuck habits that don’t serve you and keep you in the very place you want to escape.

So, what if you began to change your mind about yourself? What if you began to feed your mind with positive, constructive self-talk that supports the ideas of healthy eating, exercise and joy? What do you think might happen?

Stop Blaming and Take Responsibility

I know many of you have experienced the cruel tongues of peers, parents, teachers, and others who may have put you down or disparaged you. It’s not funny and it truly hurts and leaves scars. Yet, how many of you hold on to those memories and relive them all too often, sealing the pain and negative belief in your mind?

The fact is that blaming does not take the pain away, nor does it excuse you from being responsible for your own life. You’re not a little kid any longer – you’re an adult with adult responsibilities and challenges. By taking responsibility for your own life, health, and mindset, you take the power away from the bullies and those who hurt you and they no longer have the ability to put you down. You get to stand up to the bullies and change the course of your life.

It isn’t quite as difficult as you may imagine. It is likely those people are long gone from your life, but you keep them active by recalling and rehearsing the past. When is it time to let the past go?